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Computer-based math teaching for advanced K'er?

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A friend of mine has a 4 year old in kindergarten and seems to be advanced in math (she has her in a supplemental Russian Math School and the child will be in the honors program next year).  The school she is in seeks to find a computer program to teach her math since the young girl knows more than the average kindy kid.  The preference is that the computer program does self-teaching, self-grades, is not an online program, and not overtly Christian.


Any suggestions?


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CTC, Khan Academy or she might even be able to handle Teaching Textbooks with some assistance at first, depending on how far along she is.  A strictly computer based program without any interaction or feedback from a teacher probably won't really suffice long-term though.  Is that really what they are planning or was I misreading that?  Can't a higher grade teacher sort of supervise?

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Oh not online, then Teaching Textbooks or APlus math.

My 6 y.o. could handle 4th grade TT with some help from me (reading involved).

Note: I have not stuck with it because he's little, he just enjoyed using his older sister's math program. But the content itself was fine.

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