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Looking for Great New History Program for 9th Grade

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We've been using History Odyssey for the last few years and will finish Modern Times Level II this year. My soon-to-be-ninth grader is bored with it. I'd like to offer him something different and more engaging next year when he begins high school. He enjoys history and is a great reader, but we struggle with ADHD and various issues. If you have a kid who's difficult to engage (especially if he "already knows all that"), would you mind sharing what you're using? Designing my own program from scratch isn't in the cards. I'd be grateful for any suggestions.

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Another course to shake things up might be Human Geography. My son loved it. There are mapping activity possibilities, on line activities, etc. It can be a more hands on course plus he could take the Human Geography AP test as his first AP. It's one of the tests that don't require background beyond a one year human geography course.

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My 9th grader is using Big History Project for world history this year. He's absolutely loved it. I've added some additional documentaries and reading, but it's been very enjoyable and very different. In the teacher resources section, there's a syllabus that helps flesh it out to a full year world history credit.


Oooh.  Thanks for posting this.  I've been trying to figure out what to do with my dd next year for history and it looks like this might really grab her interest.

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