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Dr. Hive: Natural alternatives for psyllium husks? (IBS related)


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This continues my saga of post-infectious IBS. Using a really restricted diet, I was able to eliminate the diarrhea. The problem is that now I am constipated. The GP suggested Metamucil, but as I recall, that contains either sugar or artificial sweeteners. Is there a gluten-free alternative brand that is not sweetened? 


If it's relevant, here's what I've been eating and tolerating aside from some remaining gas: homemade chicken bone broth, chicken, white rice, eggs, GF Cheerios with almond milk, cooked carrots, cooked peas, chamomile tea (Recently saw it was not low fodmap, but didn't seem to bother me), cooked canned pineapple, curry paste (made with peanut butter, tumeric, cumin, pepper, cinnamon, fresh ginger and red wine vinegar---I was trying to get some tumeric in for soothing the inflammation), and homemade ginger tea. And, fortunately, a few dark chocolate squares and a few Altoids mints. I am avoiding the low-fodmap veges that are also gas producing since that's a problem right now, though they are among my favorites. 

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