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  1. Soaking wet hair and conditioner before the swim cap. This is how blond haired girls on swim team kept their hair from turning green.
  2. I’m sorry I got that wrong. I’m Catholic and I just don’t see whatever Milos Whatshisname is up to as having anything to do with me. I also don’t pay any attention to the US Bishops. But I guess I came pre-deconstructed. My mom left the church, raised me mostly atheist and I came back, but with a proudly cafeteria approach. I never had the “this is all real” experience as a kid like she did. (She hates that we are part of the church!)
  3. You seem to be conflating Christianity with Republican Evangelicals. Which is normal if that’s your background. But that world is completely foreign to many Christians in America. It’s fine if you want to make a clean break with your religious past, but you don’t have to leave Christianity to get away from that stuff. (But hey, I’m in a wildly blue urban area YMMV.) My take on biblical historicity: I don’t know if Jesus was resurrected, but God resurrects all the time. I see it in my own life and in the lives of others.
  4. We started going back to playgrounds once I was fully vaccinated. They wear masks outside of our house and grandma’s house, period. They don’t go to stores or restaurants. That said, they are in school, they will go to day camp. Their lives are way more open than the year they spent at home before I was vaccinated. They (presumptively) had COVID last March and were totally fine. I don’t want them bringing it back to the house. I’m still dealing with Long COVID 15 months later.
  5. I grew up with an abundance of Catholics, Jews, Protestants and Buddhists. I knew a few Hindus, from both Indian families and white hippie-commune families. I didn’t know any Evangelicals. Which is apparently unusual, but did not seem remarkable at the time. (Affluent coastal California.) I remember when I would spend summers with my grandma in Wisconsin being approached multiple times in public places and asked whether/where I attended church. This never, ever happened in my home town. Unthinkable.
  6. I met Dh on a dating site. I was 31 and very much shopping for a husband, which makes you look at profiles differently. He had two pictures on his profile, both of which were horrible, and taken at the same event. My first thought was, here is a nice looking guy, in a hideous sweater, who doesn’t have any idea how attractive he is. I decided that wouldn’t be a bad thing for a husband. We’ve been together ten years and married for eight. He still has the sweater, it’s still hideous, he’s still handsome.
  7. I had mid cycle spotting after my second Pfizer shot, which I never ever have. So far this next cycle, nothing.
  8. Either plan your own party, or tell Dh exactly what party you want and that you want him to plan it. If he doesn’t get on board, plan your own party. Don’t give him an opportunity to disappoint you on such a wonderful occasion. Nothing cheesy about throwing your own party.
  9. Computer programming was his main career. But with his social deficits, he was often among the first to be cut in downturns, and had extended periods of unemployment. The retail gig was part time during one of these periods. I personally would use the term “underemployment” broadly, to include working below one’s intellectual capacity. (Underemployment isn’t necessarily a bad thing! It’s just acknowledgment that IQ alone won’t make a job a good fit.)
  10. Getting my dad out of the house and interacting with people is so, so important for everyone’s mental health and well being. Even if it meant him being “underemployed.”
  11. My Autistic dad mostly worked in computer programming, but also did stints at a hunting and fishing store. He *loved* it. Info dumping about an area of interest with other enthusiasts? Heaven.
  12. It was a paragraph in our AP History book. So yeah, I knew it was a thing, but it wasn’t specifically taught.
  13. He absolutely sounds Autistic to me. High IQ kids with lower support needs often fall apart for the first time in college. All the scaffolding of high school, that you and he probably weren’t aware he needed, falls away and the deficits suddenly become more obvious. It’s great that he’s conversational and able to use humor. These are wonderful skills. Unfortunately initiating and sustaining friendships requires a bunch more social skills on top of that. I’m 41 and I’m still trying to figure out how to connect with friends. I either come on too strong, or I’m way too distant... It’s
  14. I agree, mixed age or with seniors would be very, very cool. With language immersion too, if I’m allowed to just imagine my fantasy school. Unfortunately, I’ve never found my ideal in the right price and location... (Like I love our Catholic school now, but if they could just be French immersion and a bit more Waldorfy, and also walking distance to my house?)
  15. I made my first trip to a store today in 15 months. In my N95. (But I didn’t wear goggles!) Maskless is not on my radar. But I’m wrestling with long COVID and I don’t even want to deal with a cold.
  16. Well done infant rooms are amazing. Babies *love* other babies. That said, they were there because I needed structure and socialization. I love my kids dearly, I’m miserable home alone with littles. Going back to work saved my sanity. They were home for a full year during the pandemic, while I was working full time from home, and I can say I’m much, much happier at home with elementary kids!
  17. My kids were in full time preschool from 3 months to K too. It was great for them. They needed structure and socialization, two things that are hard for me as an Autistic mom. I honestly have no regrets. Elementary school is much more a mixed bag. Our preschool was great. (Sending two kids cost as much as our mortgage each month... I’m not saying this is for everyone, but just that full time *can* be positive for some.)
  18. I’m wildly liberal by board standards. But no crop tops, no tank tops, no short shorts. Nope. So don’t think all the cool liberal moms are doing it. (I would have no problem with swimsuits for a coed swim team. There is a functional reason to show your body there.) How to explain this to my girls? That’s harder. I can honestly say I would have the same rules for boys too, so I don’t think it’s a gender shame thing.
  19. How are his visual spacial skills? For me it is an Autistic strength. I imagine strong visual spacial skills would help with some of the allied health jobs like ultrasound etc. Absolutely consider work conditions in a potential field. I have a 9-5 job, I would really suffer with late or unpredictable hours.
  20. His other attorneys are local Arkansas attorneys. I’m sure none of them are cheap.
  21. https://www.google.com/amp/s/people.com/tv/josh-duggars-attorneys-respond-to-child-pornography-charges-we-intend-to-defend-this-case-aggressively/%3famp=true
  22. I haven’t heard anything about symptoms in Seattle, and I’m following all the COVID news rather closely. I can say it’s super easy to get tested around here, and the symptoms you listed would easily qualify.
  23. Which one? Can’t just tease us with a effective workbook!
  24. No cyst. Apparently I have mid-cycle spotting for first time in my life. We’ll see what happens next cycle. Could be the vaccine, could be long-COVID, could just be my new normal.
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