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Co-op Science

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Any one have good ideas for science curriculums you could use within a co-op for 1st-5th graders? I teach a SOTW class that is going really well. Something similar for science would be ideal. Read a book at home and do projects at co-op. Any ideas?

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I'm no help, but curious how you set up your SOTW co-op. We're starting a co-op, but have no idea what I'm doing :) Would love ideas, or even some sort of plan!

Hi! For the SOTW class we separated the kids into two groups 1st/2nd and 3rd-5th. Then I went through the book and had to combine some of the chapters because it is 4 weeks longer than our co-op. Each week I let everyone know what chapter we are on. They are supposed to do the reading at home. In class I give a brief overview of the chapter and sometimes show a video or play a related game/contest. Then I use the activity guide to do a craft. It's been lots of fun!

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R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey would work great, I think.  There is a page or 2 of reading and then an activity to do.  It's scheduled for 2 days a week, but you could probably get 2 lessons done in an hour.  They are designed for an age range: Life Science  and Earth Science for grades 1-4, Chemistry for grades 2-5, and Physics for grades 3-6. 


We used Magic School Bus for grades 1 & 2, but by 3rd grade, they were saying that it was too young for them.  It's the only reason I didn't recommend it.

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