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Honors classes in HS to College? Where would you start?

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My son has been in public school the last two years (after 7 years of homeschooling) and will be going into highschool next year. He is in Honors Algebra, and its looking like he will be in Honors Geometry in ninth grade and Honors English. He wants to homeschool through highschool and finish in two years. I want him to enjoy the love of learning but support his ambition. Where do I start??

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Generically speaking: With only two years of high school, you need to focus on core requirements and creating documentation of his skills very QUICKLY.


College admissions usually considers the first three years of high school - you apply in the fall of senior year, so you will have at most first semester grades for senior year (and not even that for early decision plans). For a two-year high school stint, you will have a year and a half at most to prove that he will have the same maturity and academic skills as someone with two years more schooling.


If you have a specific school in mind, do they typically admit younger-than-average students? Start talking to the admissions office now about how what they are looking for and plan backwards.

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Does he know where he wants to go to college? I would start by looking at requirements and see if 2 years is truly realistic--he should know what he would need to do up front. 3 years would be much more doable, or 2 years and then do dual enrollment and pick up a lot of college credits the last year or two. 

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What's the reasoning behind graduating in two years? 


Has he looked into schools he might be interested in, and their requirements? 


Does he know how he might do on ACT/SAT? 


He needs to keep in mind that there are no bonus points for graduating early - they are going to look at his transcript and his scores, and judge them against students who have an additional 1 to 2 years of age and schooling.  


For example, Geometry in 9th grade only has him finishing Algebra 2 in 10th grade. He would have to double up in 9th to get through precalc in 10th. 


Science-wise, many schools require 3 years of science and recommend 4. 


Even if he isn't looking at selective schools, an improvement in transcript can translate into a tremendous amount of merit money. 


It sounds like he would be starting with a fairly typical freshman year, and I don't see how it would be beneficial to rush through four years of school in half the time. 


Those are the first thoughts that come to mind. I'd be interested to know his particular reasons for wanting to finish so quickly, and I would consider them, but really don't see myself allowing it without compelling reasons. 


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