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S/O gifts - sewing machine for a 7 year old


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My daughters been asking for a sewing machine. I have never had one and don't even know how to use one. What is a good place to start?


As simple as possible would be good, but I'd also like it to be sturdy enough to use to put badges on her Girl Scout uniform (with help of course).


Also, a friend of hers made a small quilt square. I know there are special quilting machines, but can a regular machine make a simple small quilt ? The one her friend made was patchwork and the size of a piece of 8.5x11 paper.


I am really out of my element here so any help is appreciated!

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I converted an old (1930 maybe?) 3/4 size Singer to a hand crank for DS at that age. He still enjoys using it and even I use it from time to time.  I did that because I was worried about him sewing over his finger if the control got away from him. With the hand crank, he essentially became the motor and could go as slowly or as quickly as he wanted and I felt more comfortable. 


Solid old Singers can be had very inexpensively and if you are converting them you don't have to worry about faulty wiring.  Here is a place that sells anything you would need to convert a machine: http://shop.sew-classic.com/Hand-Crank-Treadle_c31.htm.  


In answer to your question, yes, any decent machine can be used for quilting.  If I were to get a new machine for DS, I would get a Janome Hello Kitty - they get great reviews.  And IKEA has a very inexpensive machine that might be a good starter machine for you DD.

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