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Prealgebra update and a question

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Hi Hive,


After lurking through the forum and amazing advice from you ladies, I narrowed down my pre algebra and DD9 is whizzing through it.


MM7 with Aops pre-A ( as a supplement) with zacarrow for problem solving


I had Aops book and gave my DD the book to try and she loves it. But it is chapter 1 and it seems easy. I might have meltdowns with beastly chapter 2.


Next year we are planning Aops algebra or foresters as spine with Aops supplement.


What chapters would you absolutely do in Aops pre-A if MM7 is the spine? I would like to hand pick some chapters and have her work on them instead of making her do the whole book.


Thanks in advance

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For the particular purpose of using AoPS Prealgebra as a supplement to MM7 prealgebra:  2 and 5 are obvious choices.  9-12 in place of the MM coverage of those topics (I haven't seen MM7 but I'm guessing the geometry is handled similarly to lower levels?).  And 14.  Those are my favorites :).  And if she's still game, the last chapter.


2, 5, 7 and 9 are important if she might move on to Intro to Alg.  MM usually does a pretty good job with ratios, which is why I didn't include 7 in my initial list.  2 and 9 provide more coverage than Intro to Alg, in that Intro to Alg will merely be reviewing these topics in ch 1.

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I think it is potentially hard to skip chapters in AoPS. It might be possible while learning the material elsewhere, however I suspect there might be difficulties. AoPS builds upon itself so much and builds problem solving techniques as it goes along. If your daughter skips ahead and then has problems, consider that it might be from skipping chapters.


I really all the chapters that are not algebra based - all the geometry, counting and probability,and statistics in the AoPS PreA book.


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There are kids that can skip prealgebra entirely (like go from Singapore 5 to AoPS Algebra), but they are uncommon. Others can take the prealgebra foundation and apply it to AoPS style problems. Many have difficulties jumping into AoPS style problems -- they force you to think. Many older kids in algebra would still have trouble with AoPS prealgebra, simply because the style is different.

Kids that manage to be able to AoPS style problems can almost always apply that knowledge to other problems.


... edited since I just notice that you really asked if kids can come from a different preA program to AoPS. Certainly. Lots of kids have transitioned to AoPS Algebra from all sorts of backgrounds. They did it all the time before the prealgebra book was out (like my oldest did). However, I was very happy to see the prealgebra book come out as it makes a smoother transition from elementary math to AoPS.

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Thank you so much for the replies.... Hopefully we finish MM7 and some chapters in Aops Julie pointed out by end of the school year. I will keep you guys updated.


One more question! How long does it take for Aops Algebra? Can we finish it in a school year or should I schedule more than a year if we decide to go by Aops route?

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