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Math Curriculum Suggestion Needed

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I was wondering if any one had a suggestion for math curriculum that focuses on computation and algebraic reasoning for a kindergartener working I a middle of 1st grade level. She is well above grade level in geometric reasoning. She is a PS student and I would love to get her computation and algebraic reasoning score up before the next round of testing in December/January. I currently have Saxon 1 and Miquon Red and Orange. I'm Really not trying to be a Tiger Mom, I just want my DD to perform at her potential. The gap she currently has is concerning because it is so large, 24 points on the MAP score. There is a gap in her reading score and I just want to shore up some kissing skills before moving on.

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We've been using xtramath, but not on a daily basis. I need to be more viligent about doing that with her. I've looked into dragon box and I might use that too. The computer seems to work best for my daughter because she can work while I finish working in the evening.

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