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Care package issue for student abroad - ideas, please?


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Several of the moms from ds's high school class (and now the class behind theirs) get together three times per year to do "group" care packages. Out of all of these kids, only has has divorced parents. He is very tight with the friend group, so we didn't want him to be left out (his mom is not local, he lived with his dad in high school). So, last year, when we would gather for group care packages we just added one "extra" to the number of items brought, and everyone kicked in a buck each to cover shipping. However, he is now overseas studying abroad in the UK (Scotland, to be specific). We don't want to not include him, but the shipping costs to get anything there expeditiously are exhorbitant. We are trying to brainstorm ideas to have something to send him in a card. Anyone have any thoughts? Anyone know how to do an Amazon UK gift card? Or is there some sort of e-mail gift card we could do through Amazon UK???


We always make the kids homemade cards to include with their packages, so we certainly plan to at least mail that, but we would like him to have a "thing" as well.

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Two suggestions:


One, you can have books sent from Book Depository to many countries in the world with free shipping. 


Two, iherb.com (from whom you can order food as well as vitamins and the like) offers low shipping costs to a variety of countries.  They currently have this special:


September Shipping Special! - Flat $8 DHL Express, $6 Airmail Premium, $4 Airmail


We've often used this company to ship items such as chocolate, refried beans, jams, etc. to our daughter in South Korea.




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