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If you enjoy edgier musicals such as Rent and Spring Awakening, what else do ...

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I'm not familiar w/the groups you mentioned. Lifehouse is a crossover Christian/Rock. I've always found their music in the regular "Rock" category. Most of their Christian lyrics are subtle and not overt. Although I'm a Christian, I like Lifehouse because of their style.


Even if you don't listen to Christian music, you might like this group.

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I still love "Les Miserables" (which is soooo heartwrenching to see) and "Phantom of the Opera". I adore Audrey Hepburn in "My Fair Lady" but I am a huge Audrey Hepburn fan. (even named a kid after her) I have my children hooked on Rent and for a long time, my eldest son (at 7yo) would listen to this as he went to bed. I am such a bad mommy. :rolleyes:


And while I would never admit this in public, regardless of immense torture up to and including putting bamboo sticks under my fingernails, I am often heard singing 'I'm just a girl who can't say no'.


Edited to mention that I LOVE Queen. They are the "ultimate" band IMHO. It was such a shame when Freddie Mercury died :(

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I laughed so hard I cried at Spamalot. I don't know if just listening to the cd would be as funny without seeing the musical.


I'm giving you fair warning- they make fun of Christianity a lot. But they are equal opportunity offenders- they poke fun at just about every group.


I'm seconding Lifehouse, too. I think they've got a great rock sound.

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I guess that's sort of a given! My 5.5yo has known the music/characters most of his life. (I named him Collin with two "L's" after Collins.)


As for other music, I'm really bad on that. In the states I always had great radio stations to listen to. (Here we have a grand total of ONE station! And I've heard them do a rock then a rap then a country song one after the other. So they don't exactly have a 'format' other than 'things all americans listen to' mixed together.)


But because my radio was good (and easier) I was bad about taking CD's to the car and then remembering to actually change them to other cd's. 90% of the time it was radio. Because of that, I've never really bought cd's. My husband will buy stuff, decide I'll like it better and give them to me, or get me stuff for my birthday or whatever. But I'm never really good at being up to date on current music.


My son LOVES Queen (it's a thing between him and his grandmother) and knows many of the lyrics. He enjoys much of what I like also, but he KNOWS Queen very well.


Of what I've actually got: Queen, Creed, Everclear, Nickleback, Godsmack, Smashmouth, Korn, Metallica.


I also like some of Adam Pascal's stuff. Some of it has more edge than others. But it's also that Rent thing too.


I'm looking forward to see the replies on this. There are a lot of things on the radio I like, but I usually don't know who it is till they've been around awhile. Like I said, I'm not always up on things like this.

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. . . my daughter (who apparently spent four hours yesterday cleaning her dorm room while listening to "La Vie Boheme" over and over) also loves:





Jesus Christ Superstar (much prefer the 2000 version, which I believe was made for Australian TV?)


It may also be worth noting that Idina Menzel (Maureen from Rent and Ephaba from Wicked) has a new solo album out just last month.


I think someone else already mentioned Avenue Q, but that's a good one, too.



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Okay ...


We're big fans of Into the Woods and Wicked; we like Jesus Christ Superstar too. We did listen to Avenue Q once, but I cannot now remember a thing about it. I'll be getting that one again as well as looking into Pippin and Chicago. And I'd already requested Idina Menzel's latest CD.


Please keep the ideas coming! Groups or individual performers as well as musical suggestions are welcome.




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