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Independent learners.....curriculum ideas


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DD is in 3rd grade now (will begin 4th in sept) and is a VERY independent learner.  She likes to be able to grab her stuff and do it all on her own. I'm looking for curriculum ideas for the various subjects that would work out well for an independent learner like her.  I'm starting to plan for next year and trying to think if there are any changes we can make:)

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Agree with CLE. I will say that all CLE for every subject could cause burnnout with too many workbooks. Maybe just 2-3 subjects. We do Math and love it. LA is really good too although we are not using it at the moment.


Maybe add in a typing program like Typing Pal or Type to Learn 4 or Read Write Type.


Certainly Veritas Press Selfpaced is pretty indpendent.


Maybe give her a checklist by subject for the week. If she wants extra free time on certain days she can see where to space out what she is doing to achieve that.

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