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Koine for motivated 9th grader

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DS strongly desires to take Koine in 9th grade this fall. Here's what I know:

1. He's motivated and able.

2. DW wants nothing to do with it. Must be self-guided. :-)

3. Looked at Mounce at homeschool fair. There must be a more engaging option!

4. DVD, online or conventional text all OK. But needs a "grade" for transcript.


Any recommendations that give 2 or 3 year option and have been accepted for college?


FWIW - I emailed 5 colleges to ask if Koine was acceptable for foreign language requirement. 4/5 said yes. These were moderately to highly selective schools (NC state system to Duke). Georgia Tech said no. I ASSUME that conservative Christian colleges will accept it, but haven't asked.

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My son is taking Attic Greek with Lukeion and loves it. I wish I'd let him start in 6th grade when he first started asking about Greek.


But for Biblical Greek, TPS has a fantastic Koine Greek teacher--Mr Spotts!  I met and talked with him a couple of years ago. If we hadn't decided to go with Attic Greek, I would have enrolled my son with him.


AND the TPS class uses...

  1. New Testament Greek for Beginners, Second Edition (Required)
    — Author: J. Gresham Machen & Dan G. McCartney
    — Pearson Prentice Hall

AND your son will have that week-to-week accountability with a live class


AND TPS has a Greek 1, 2, 3 sequence. (I think this is a huge plus in a language program. It provides continuity without leaving gaps or having to guess what level to put the student in another program.)


Yep, TPS would get my vote for Koine Greek for a high schooler.



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