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Kelli in TN, was it you who asked about the Green Works cleaners from Clorox? (m)

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Yes it was me! I bought the bottle of pourable solution that you mix up yourself. I felt it would be the most cost effective and earthfriendly in terms of packaging. I mix it up in my reusable bottles and we have been very pleased with it. It has a light fragnance that does not bother the kids (they hated the smell of Simple Green) and it does a good job, even in the boys bathroom!!!


I am going to try the toilet bowl cleaner next, but I am going to use up my disposable toilet scrubbers (which I love, but feel guilty for using) first, then I will buy a regular toilet brush and the green cleaning solution.

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I was quite pleased with how well the toilet cleaner clung to the bowl and liked the scent. I have tried the bathroom cleaner too, but it's a little thin (worked well in streaks on my shower soap scum, but ran down pretty fast and didn't get some areas).

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