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I'd like to listen to SOTW 1 with my boys (12 and 8) on audio. We aren't really going to do much in terms of activities this year. I would love to find some other things to listen to or documentaries to watch. Does anyone know of some lists of audio and/or documentaries that someone has already matched to the different chapters?


Also, if you had to choose only 3-5 books for reading, which ones would you choose? My boys have some specific interests and I have already chosen books for those topics, but looking to add a couple more for each. Bonus if they are available on audio..



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Audible has D'Aulaires Greek Myths. My Ds loves it!


Detectives in Togas is fun for Rome.

My kids were much younger than yours when we did SOTW 1, so my kids haven't read at that level yet, but I am planning to have Dd read Geraldine McCaughrean's Gilgamesh and either Rosemary Sutcliff's Black Ships before Troy (I love Alan Lee's artwork.) or The Children's Homer this coming year.

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