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Well, the good news is, its working...

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So, do you lovely ladies remember that my biggest concerns when I joined was how could I, as a book-averse, lit-loather raise a child who loved books and would be fluent in ASL to communicate with his Deaf family members? You know how half my posts are panicked queries? Well I'm officially sighing a deep breath in relief because


This evening we had a 30 minute argument in 90% ASL and 10% English with Jr. about how many books he'd get before bed time and which order to read them in. He wanted 23 books--I don't know why he picked that number--and he had a very particular order that he wanted them read in.


We settled on 16 books (because 16 is a perfect square number and I arranged the books in a 4x4 square so that he could see it). :)

Hubby and I did tag-team reading and Jr signed along with each book and commented on each page in ASL, then the tittle bugger fell asleep on the 15th book...


Just thought I'd share a non-panicky post for once.

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