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Hands-On Activities for Around the World in 80 Days

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Would anyone want to share crafts, projects, ideas, etc., you've used with Around the World in 80 Days? 


Our book club is reading it right now. The younger students are reading the Classic Starts version. We will meet to discuss it and have about 2 hours to do some fun activities. We will break up into smaller groups and have them go to different rooms for the activities, rotating them through each one. I usually need at least 5 stations to keep the groups from being too big. 


Here are some things I'm considering, but I could use a little more inspiration. I would love a quick craft or art project, but I'm at a loss right now. 



* make a map of the journey, discussing time zones, the International Date Line, Prime Meridian


* learn to play the game of Whist


* sample some food from the countries


Thanks for any ideas!






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When we did a geography day on Egypt I bought the game Senet for the kids to play. I also have all of the geopuzzles for each continent. Those are usually a hit. We made Chinese dumplings when we studies China. We built the Great Wall out of blocks and I bought some of those Chinese coins with the square holes in the middles. For India we made little candle holders out of clay for Diwali and bracelets out of string for the Borthers and Sisters holiday (can't remember the name of it).

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