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Remedial Money Skills

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DD13 has dyscalculia and all sorts of learning disabilities. She's currently working in Math-U-See Gamma on multiplication. 


She is good at calculations but very poor on number sense. We've already done remedial number sense activities which has improved the basics but hasn't carried over to money skills. She has very little understanding of money. She knows what each coin and dollar is worth and can sort by biggest denomination to smallest with some thought. But then when it comes to using money in real life or word problems she's a mess. Today she couldn't understand a word problem (read-aloud, so not a reading issue) about a girl having $100 to spend on gifts and wanting to buy gifts for 10 friends and how much can she spend on each person? She first tried to subtract 10 from 100, then to add 10 to 100 then tried to guess random numbers as answers. I had her get out play money and she still couldn't figure it out even with my help. I ended up having to give her the answer basically. 


So, I'd like to know a program or more than one program combined together that cover money skills from the basics all the way to real-life budgeting and such?  I have the manipulatives and am willing to work with her, I just do not understand where her brain is failing to understand the concepts so I need a well-done program that can walk me through it if possible.

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Do you have toy money?


What about games that use money, especially ones more geared to daily life than Monopoly, but even Monopoly might help.  The Game of Life?  Pretend business and records keeping?  Especially with some younger kids around it seems like some money related games could be a help.


Use of money for real at stores (when my ds was in b&m school, I let him do the shopping for his school snacks--deciding what to get for the week based on a total that I allotted him and how much change he would get--with some parameters as to the type of snacks he could choose in terms of health)?  You and she do the grocery shopping and let her figure out the money parts, maybe with the help of a calculator?


A stewardship math program? (MUS has one at a later level)



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