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Is it hard to change the lightbulb on a van tail-light (rear blinker)?

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I just had it in the shop for break work and really don't want to spend the time OR money to go do it again. Replacing it seems simple enough but I don't know where to begin! With my luck I'd break the rear light trying to take it off!


Any ideas?:confused:

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I think it depends on the type of van you have......some are easier than others. We always change our own because we can't justify the cost of the labor of doing it........ What type of van do you have? I will ask my hubby if it is an easy change or not.....



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It is really simple. Your owner's manual will tell you what type of bulb you need, and it even has instructions. The big thing is to make sure you don't touch the new bulb with your fingers because the oil in your skin is bad for it. If you go to a place like Pep Boys you will probably even find an employee who would be happy to give you advice and encouragement for free.


We recently changed one on our Town and Country, and we are not all that mechanically inclined. Easy peasy!:)

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Good luck!!


I'm not sure if it was just us or what. We have a Chevy Venture. We tried to replace the front light. Worked great for a while, then we noticed the crack in the plastic and all the water in it!! The light still worked, so we didn't take it in. The last time we were in, we had the guy look at it - and it cost us $400 to replace the entire light!! :mad:


So, now I just have it done for me.

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