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I miss you guys!!

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So after much ado over the decision, DS started private school about 3 weeks ago. The days are very long for him, and he's not exactly challenged yet. And by not exactly, I mean not at all. :) But he's adjusting fairly well, and has made some friends.

My adjustment is a different story... :lol:

We all decided this would be best, and we will see how it goes. But I miss you all here... Talking about curricula and wrestling over prealgebra decisions! 😠Part of me hopes this is a good long term fit for him... And part of me misses him like crazy, knows we can do more on our own, and would like to pull the plug and regroup at home. I'm not convinced that we won't be back.

Anyway, just wanted to say hi... Hope everyone's year is off to a good start!

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You're always welcome here! As you well know, we have lots of former and in-between homeschoolers. You can still chime in on what worked and what didn't. 


Hope your year is great. From the experience of my friends, you'll find lots to fill the white space you have right now. Just takes time to transition!



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Thanks, friends! This week is actually going better. They've started a bit of differentiation in math, and he's started with a group for TAG, and they're going to do what sounds like a really cool year long project. We may be on to something... ;) Bottom line is, he seems happy. That's worth a lot!

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