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I had the same question and the lovely lady at www.spanishplayground.net directed me to the following resources (I hope that you and others find this helpful!)


Spanish Childrens literature awards


Anaya http://www.anayainfantilyjuvenil.com/core.php?opcion=premios


Premio Edebe de literatura infantil y juvenil



Fundación SM awards el Premio El Barco de Vapor in lots of different countries. The winners from Spain are listed on Wikipedia:



This is a fun list where people voted for their favorite El Barco de Vapor books: http://listas.eleconomista.es/literatura/520-cul-es-tu-libro-favorito-de-barco-de-vapor

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Premio Lazarillo: http://www.oepli.org/pag/cas/lazarillo.php


These are Santillana's lists by grade level.  They list which books are originally in Spanish and which are translations: http://www.santillanausa.com/catalogs/santillana-usa-k12-catalog/children-s-books-literature/literary-and-informational-text-libraries.html?SID=h47966f0bktvcifc1l3knfiaj2


Celeste 101, thanks for the other lists!  


If you search Barco de Vapor on Amazon a ton of results come up.  Each book is assigned a color to tell which level it is.  

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More... For very young kids I highly recommend Alma Flor Ada's phonics readers Hagamos Caminos. They are super engaging for beginning readers. You can purchase them at:



In the Del Sol Books website they also sell all of Alma Flor Ada's books as well as some of Isabel Campoy and other authors. Some books are annotated with recommended grades.

You can purchase individual items or whole series. Rey Del Sol is a pleasure to do business with.



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Thanks for all of these resource suggestions. I am always amazed at how much time I've spent researching this topic online and the folks on here continue to give great new ideas! :) This thread has reinspired me to make reading in Spanish a higher priority with my little one in 2015.

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I found a bookstore in Mexico that provides literature-based curriculum for those parents homeschooling exclusively in Spanish. It is called Lemonhass and here's their website: http://lemonhass.com/

Here's a review of the program: http://paradisepraises.com/spanish-homeschool-curriculum/


Note that Alma Flor Ada's Hagamos Caminos reading program is suitable for Spanish language learners because it uses beautifully illustrated stories and limited vocabulary (it increases in difficulty, of course). Both help build confidence and understanding. (www.delsolbooks.com) My eldest son really likes these books. His first language is English and has been learning Spanish with me since last year (he's in 2nd grade now). I definitely plan on using the material with his brother when he is old enough.


This forum has been so helpful to me, I hope that this information is helpful to someone else!

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I am having a quick look at the Lemonhass website and I am encountering several verb mood and person agreement issues. Are these guys native Spanish speakers? I know there are regional differences in language usage and such, but I live in a heavily Mexican Spanish area in the US and I have not noticed these issues here. I couldn't see a Who are we? section to check myself. Do you know?

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Here is an explanation of who they are: http://lemonhass.com/descubra/

It seems that they aren't native speakers, however majority of the books they use are from reputable publishing houses. It seems to me that only the teacher's schedule and the copywork books are developed by them. Now my disclaimer, I haven't used their materials. I decided to post about them since it is so far the only full literature-based Spanish curriculum that I have seen. The book lists look ok, I would prefer to see less translations and more material that was originally in Spanish. But there seem to be some pretty good books selected.

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