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Favorite Games / Fun Supplements K-2 ???


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I was wondering if you could name some favorite games or fun supplements for early elementary levels. I find that my younger ones want to do more since their older siblings are, but I don't want to turn them off on school with a bunch workbooks. We have Legos and dolls and such and I like them to have lots of playtime, but often they want more "school". Ideas? TIA!

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Sum Swamp is good once kiddies are doing basic addition.  Fraction Formula can be played by kids who aren't reading yet because the cards and pieces are color coded.   Both are simple yet fun games that the whole family can play along with.


Animal counters are fun and can be used for sorting, counting and just general imaginative play.


Kids can take turns making up stories to each other with Story Cubes.


I also made many of the activities in the Preschool Activity Bags books.  I made a bunch of them over the summer and kept them hidden.  When school started for my elders, my youngest (4 at the time) could pick from a limited amount and get them done for the day as part of her "schoolwork."  It took some time to collect parts and put them together, but it was soooo worth it.  We recently passed on several of our bags to another family with a little one, but we had to keep some that were favorites!


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My phonics concentration game:




The games in the free CAT. Phonics, scroll down about 2/3 down:




I like relay race games with magnetic letters, or without the relay race. To race, run back and forth and load up a small cup or one hand only, then see who can make the most words in a few minutes, try out different lengths. I have 10 sets of magnetic letters, they are a bit more than $1 each set, you could probably get by with 4 or 6 sets.

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I love Learning Resources wooden pattern blocks with the pattern sheets to go with them. My kids like them and you can use them to teach a million things math related at that age without them knowing it's math. :)

I also make up words with pictures sheets (ELMO, BIG BIRD, etc) in all capital letters, then have them match the lower case letters to it. Or write words in capital letters and have them match below with lower case letter stamps.

We also love Bingo...shapes bingo, numbers bingo...you can make up cards for any kind of bingo free online.

Screen time favorites are splash math and math ninja.

Most of my ideas are more K level, as we are just finishing that up. But my third grader liked all these too. :)

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