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I suppose this is a bit...odd? I don't know! haha.

Hello! My name is Candice, I'm 22 and I'm not exactly a homeschooler per se. I'm more attempting to fill in where my education lacked. I graduated high school in 2009 (let's not bring up the train wreck of college), but most of my school life I noticed there was things that I wasn't taughted, and things that weren't focused on where I was failing.

Guess you've all heard that from/about your own kids, eh? lol

Anywho, I found tons of great resources here that my mom and I are going to use to fix my, well, gap! :D

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I think many people can relate to feeling they have gaps. I know homeschooling my son and daughter was helpful in pointing out mine!

It's pretty sad when a history book designed for ages 6-10 gives you a better grasp of history than you had before--and you went to uni to become an educator...

But it's pretty awesome to have the chance AND the desire to fill in those gaps. Go for it!

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Thanks ladies! :D


Is self-educating the term? Ha, okay! My momma is doing the teaching, but I do sorta teach myself. But yes, I want to fix my gaps since it seems my level of knowledge is nothing more than the 5th/6th grade level, sadly.

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Candice, I just started a thread in the High School and Self-Education forum to see what all the autodidacts among us are working on. I've got my curriculum list up for myself, and will probably get back with a schedule later. If you are interested.

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