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Alcumus - AoPS?

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1) Anybody using Alcumus at AoPS?  I am planning on using AoPS "Introduction to Algebra" to close the gaps from my son's weak charter school Algebra 1 class (beat to death in another posting). 

Is it worthwhile to use Alcumus along with the text?



2)  "Our Schola system allows teachers to monitor their students' progress and access Alcumus videos"

Is this available to homeschool teachers?



After-schooling Dad's first foray into home-schooling. Wish me luck. 

We are starting in June, allowing DS 2 weeks off after his school year ends.



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Good Luck!


We love alcumus.... for fun! :)


Students enrolled in AoPS classes are assigned Alcumus topics to go along with the textbook and homework... and there have been a few times when the extra practice was beneficial to my son's progress in the class. It's also good as a stand alone game.


Not sure about your question #2... I can see our progress in Alcumus by clicking on the "Report Tab" when we are signed in (we have three people that have three different sign-ins) and also watch any video at any time. I think if you have an AoPS user name all of those perks are available to you... teacher or not. :)





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Alcumus is great! You can use it for more than just algebra as well. Also, don't forget than there are videos on the AoPS site linked to the first half of the AoPS book.



As far as the teacher section, I just know my kid's password and log in to their account to check their progress. I used to have a teacher account to monitor other students I worked with. Awhile back, AoPS redid Alcumus and the teacher accounts. All the accounts were inactive over a summer and then they said I could create a new account. I never bothered, but I don't think it'd be any problem to create a teacher account.

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