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I have a broken finger


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two weeks ago, one of our mares ran off. I retrieved her and grabbed her by what was left of her bridle. a leather strap around her neck. She jerked her head and my finger was entangled in the leather. It hurt for a few days, but then the swelling went down.


It's still tender, and not fully functional, so I went and had it xrayed.


Spiral fracture.


This is the second time I've amazed my doctor by putting off medical care. The first was when I had strep for 8 days before coming in,


Anyway, going to see an orthopedist soon, Hoping there's no surgery in my future.


This is a really bad time of year for a farmer to have a broken finger.


Totally messes up my typing too.



Writing's going to be annoying for awhile.


So frustrating.


It's my left hand and I'm a lefty. AURGH!

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