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New Englandish camping trip


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We are driving from Florida in mid July to go camping in Maine. I think I've decided on Blackwoods in Acadia. We'll then drive to meet up with my husband in Saratoga, NY. What would be the most interesting route for us to take?? Is there somewhere we should camp for a few days? Should we just stay in a hotel? We aren't in a hurry, though I don't want to spend a bunch of money on hotels. 


After Saratoga, he'll be working in Binghamton, NY and we are thinking about camping somewhere around there. My hubby is a side trip. ;) We don't need to be close. He'll be busy. 


On the drive to and from, we'll stay with friends in VA, and hotels other places. 


That's all I have planned and we really don't have any time restraints. 


What are your favorite northeast camping spots? (Dog friendly, quiet, tent camping) 


Any sites along our way we shouldn't miss? Any off the beaten path routes we should take?


I'm just looking for a list of things to check out at this point. You all were so helpful in planning our BIG trip last summer! I feel much more confident this time around, luckily, because it will just be me, two almost 12 year olds, and the dog! I know we can do this. :)


I should add that we've been to NYC and plan to do Boston as a separate trip. This isn't really a city trip since we'll have the dog. The girls have never been north of NYC except for a trip to Niagara Falls. 



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We are going to Herkimer, NY this summer to camp. A great deal of the attraction for us there is the ability to dig for Herkimer diamonds in addition to camping.  I don't have a good idea of how long it would take to get there from where your husband is, but after that it would be a straight shot out 90 into MA. 


I have camped at Blackwoods before. I've been to Acadia several times and will be there in July this year. I strongly prefer a campground with more amenities, but part of the reason we haven't been back to Blackwoods is that we've found it difficult to get reservations when we needed them if you wait too long.  If you haven't been there before/ worked with the reservation system, I'd keep an eye on the availabilities starting soon - there's a lot open still at this point, but by May the last year we tried it was completely booked for tenters. 


If necessary, Bar Harbor Campground, across from the Pirate's Cove mini-golf, doesn't take reservations at all, and they were fairly cheap because of that. There is tenting and camping sites. We took a trailer site for the electrity/water hook up, and the increased privacy/shade. The camp is very, very quiet during quiet hours. It has a pool, laundry, and showering facilities on site, but it's not particularly fancy. 

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Just wanted to give a shout out for Blackwoods in Acadia!  We go there every summer and absolutely love it.  It is close to everything in the park. Make sure you walk down to the water from the campground and watch the sun rise.  The ranger talks are also a lot of fun in the evening. There is so much to do in Acadia our kids have never been bored. If you can't bring bikes at least rent some for a day to ride the carriage roads.  There are buses that run regularly through out the park that will accomodate the bicycles if you can't get them on your car. The bus is free if you are camping.  You can also get it at the campground. Have fun!




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Are you camping on the way up? I have heard good things about the Maryland end of Assateague -- camping on the beach plus wild ponies. Harriman State Park in NY is on the Hudson and has spectacular views. You might also check out Camp Glen Gray in northern NJ. It's near some major highways.

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