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Bears movie

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Has anyone seen it? I have an animal loving 7 year old I'd like to take but he is also very sensitive. Would it be ok for him? I know it's rated G but he's just really sensitive about animals getting hurt or even seeing normal animal hunting behavior. He became a vegetarian on his own about a year ago, to give you an idea of his level of love of animals. 

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I just watched it yesterday with my 2, 4, and 6-year old. It was their first time watching a movie at the theater. My 6-year old is sensitive and scares easily (there were scenes even in Frozen that were too intense for him) so I wasn't sure how well he would handle it but they all did great. The movie follows a mother bear and her newborn cubs so there are some parts that might bother your son where the cubs are hunted/threatened by other animals, and the mother bear struggles to find enough food... There are also a couple scenes of bears fighting. The movie is targeted at kids though so nothing was too graphic or scary. Overall it was a cute movie and since your son loves animals so much I think he would especially enjoy seeing the bears up so close.

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I took my dd4 today. She is VERY sensitive, to the point where we have seen all of ONE Disney movie. She will watch anything nature/animal related though as she sees it as 'natural.'


I was concerned a bit as we are also vegetarian and she has a hard time with people on animal violence, such as hunting. She was fine reading say 'On the Shores of Silver Lake' when the pay master was strung up, but was really in literal tears when Pa accidentally shot the swan.


Regardless, she did climb into my lap when she felt the cubs were in danger from hunting animals and covered her eyes at times...all in all though it was quite well done and very cute.

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