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Help me design a high school health class for high school using the library...

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I want to do a "free" health class for my daughter using

  • library books
  • websites
  • Documentaries
  • project ideas

...for next year. I would love help coming up with topics and materials to go along with those topics. I will probably look into a few outside courses, such as getting her certified in CPR or maybe babysitting training by the Red Cross. Any additional ideas?

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I am doing this now.  :) 


I am constructing the objectives and topic outline.  I should be done in a few days.  Track me down on Friday.  I should have it outlined.  I have pinned a bunch of resources, and I will have reading and assignment pages over the next week or so.  Because it is a semester course, I am scheduling 60 hours.  I am looking at the typical standards required of the course of 4 years in which certain topics can be appropriately covered as part of biology too.  Some things I plan to delay as part of coursework, but that does not alleviate the requirement for a half semester of health. 


On a similar topic is the one year of physical education.  We are doign quarter credits, to include classes and sports.

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OK ... I have a sketch of some of it now.  I analyzed core areas of focus based on the national health standards.  I did take a non-religious approach, yet I am leaving room to approach beliefs and values from both a family and religious perspective.  I have outlined resources, fiction and nonfiction, as well as selected projects.  It will more than robust enough to qualify for 60 class hours and take 18 weeks to complete.


I will post some of it here and later on my blog the details and outline in a printable format, but so that you can see how the course will form and the target of study ...


Blog post


Open and print



First week example (later today)


All will be tweaked over the next few days, but there are there as I promised.  :)

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Book List




Changing Bodies, Changing Lives, A Book for Teens on Sex and Relationships by Ruth Bell


It’s Perfectly Normal:  Changing bodies, Growing Up, Sex, and Sexual Health (The Family Library) by Robie H. Harris




Bleeding Violet (bipolar disorder)


Impulse (mental hospital) by Ellen Hopkins


Scars (cutting) by Cheryl Rainfield


I never Promised You a Rose Garden (schizophrenia) by Joanne Greenberg


Bad Girls Club (parent w/schizophrenia) by Judy Gregerson


I don’t want to be crazy (panic attacks) by Samantha Schutz


Compulsion (OCD) by Heidi Ayarbe


13 Reasons Why (suicide) by Jay Asher



Find more books from the lists here by topic choice â€¦ http://hip.midhudson.org/nonfiction/



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