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I just stumbled onto this website while surfing the HSLD learning disabilities section. Singlearn.com


They sell amother lode of CDs and DVDs- sign language, history, math, grammar, SOTW, MUS songs, music...


If I wasn't out of money I'd buy tons of these because my kid learns best with songs.


Hope it's ok to post for profit websites on here. I image many of these CDs and DVDs can be inter library loaned.


I'm happy with my son's progress in everything except math calculations. Poor kid works way too hard yet has very little success.

Thanks Timberly.  Checking it out now...


 I can't recall.  Have you tried using the Ronit Bird books for the math issues?  And have you looked at Soror's Relaxed Math thread on the Gen Ed board for some different approaches that might help make it click?


Best wishes.

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