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What would you use to remediate English for an 11th grade college bound girl?

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My daughter will be in 11th grade next year and she really is a good speller, reader and decent writer. She naturally uses correct grammar and usage when she writes. My only concern is with her knowing the terms and being able to score well on the ACT starting next year. She hasn't really done a lot of grammar, but like I said, she reads a ton of books.


She has done Heart of Dakota at their highest level for the last 5 years. The thing is, she has hated Rod and Staff and never really gets through it. Well, its my fault I didn't make it happen, but now I feel like I need to do something before we get any further. She is not a quick learner, more of a steady goes it kind of girl so I don't want anything that is going to make her head spin. I really just want something that is easy to implement as she works best on her own.


Is their anything out there that will hold her hand and teach her the material she needs without expecting that she has a ton of diagramming, finding antecedents, etc...? I will be in college next year full time, (as I was this year) and it really does need to be fairly independent. We have 2 years to get this done. Any advice?

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Sounds like the goal is to score well on the English section of the ACT or SAT. If so, I'd skip looking for a grammar review program and go straight for the throat -- get materials for doing lots of ACT/SAT practice; ask around for what the best prep materials are. Since she's already a good writer and skilled at "hearing" what is correct, perhaps consider using a "bite a day" program for proofing and/or practicing GUM (Grammar Usage and Mechanics).


Here are actual practice questions for the ACT. And here is the Sparknotes info on the 12 areas on the ACT Grammar Usage and Mechanics secion.


Test Prep Review website -- scroll down halfway, and you'll find Self Assessment Modules, one for math practice and one for English practice; the English section has 18 different topics for self review and practice. :)



Here are two past threads with test practice / prep ideas, that came up in a tag search of ACT:

ACT and plug for Barron's Prep

Preparing for the ACT



BEST of luck! Warmly, Lori D.

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Analytical Grammar and Writing With Skill.  They are both written to the student.  At her age, she could probably do all of AG in a year, and the WWS at an accelerated pace.  We're using them in 6-8 then moving to Excellence in Literature.  I'm a realtor and HS 2 younger girls as well, so dd12 really does most of this on her own.  I just go over them in the evenings when she's done and go over trouble spots with her.

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It doesn't sound like she needs to remediate at all. I agree with Lori, if all you are after is a standardized test score, do some test prep. You may find that she is already quite well prepared if she reads and writes well. Have her use a practice test and  and study guide such as this.

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