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A free weekly planner (color and BW version)

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I like designing my own pen/paper planners because nothing available atm serves my needs well. I'm linking a recent one I made as a way to give back to this great community.



1. choose either color pages or B/W (or grayscale).

2. has grids and space to write subjects/ plan for up to 3 kids

3. Mon-Fri planning in landscape format

4. Circle for writing week#

5. Clouds for writing dates/ an event or 2 as a reminder for that day

6. Space on footer of page 1 for reading list/ notes

7. Space on page 2 for anything that needs recording, like a summary of your week or plans for the next week or science supply lists or if you are sometimes unschooly like we are, a record of bunny trails and so on.


Please download the pdf (you'll need Adobe Reader or some other pdf reader) to print. Then set printer to the landscape setting. You might have to tweak the fit to 100% or "fit to area" depending on your printer's settings (sorry, I won't be able to help with specific printer models). Print one page first then the next if you are intending to use it double-sided.


I apologize that at this time, I am not able to make this planner editable. If someone knows how to do this for free, please let me know!


I hope this is useful to someone who likes pen/pencil and paper planning!

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