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Home remedies for dried hair from a swimming pool?

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We have been swimming a lot lately and as a result our hair is really, really dry. (it's not green yet!)


What are some home remedies to keep our hair from drying out so much?


Regular conditioner during a shower is not cutting it~ I haven't found that store brand after-swim shampoo.... tho I imagine there is probably something like vinegar or baking soda that does the same thing.


Any ideas?



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She said to thoroughly wet the hair *before* swimming. Since hair acts like a sponge, it soaks up fresh water and not the heavily chlorinated pool water instead. Then another rinse when finished swimming and a dose of leave-in conditioner like Infusium. Seemed to really help around our long hair house.

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My stylist recommended wetting your hair and putting a leave in conditioner in your hair before swimming. Since your hair has already absorbed the conditioner before you swim it is supposed to stop letting the follicles absorb a lot of the chlorine or salt water.

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