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Secure video sharing??

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Can anyone tell me about how to have a bunch of people share videos in a secure, non-public way?  I am working putting together a video of a sporting event.  Multiple parents took videos of the different participants.  I was hoping to be able to create one video for this.  I have done this with my own videos using Movie Maker.  However, I would like a secure, easy way for the other parents to share content with me without it being viewable to the general public.  The files are just to big to email.  Any one know how I can do this?  Use small words, please.  :confused1:

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On YouTube you can make a video private and only share it to others who have to log in to access it.  That's the most secure.  You can also make in Non-Public, which means that anyone with the link can view it, but it will not show up in search engines.  


Smugmug also allows you to set up albums that require a password to access them.

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If you did YouTube, can you download the original to edit?


I'd probably ask people to upload to google drive or burn a DVD/jump drive you can return.


I want to download the videos so that I can edit them together.  I need to finish it in under 10 days and I won't see most of these people who have the video in the meantime.  I'll see about a google drive. 


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