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What are the class names you use for high school history credits when your following the WTM cycle?

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If you are following the WTM what are your History class names for your transcript for your 3 or 4 credit hours for history? I'm trying to understand if we study Ancients in 9th, Middle ages 10th, Renaissance 11th and Modern 12th, but are required by the state to have High School credit for World History, American History, and one other history, how does this translate? For example could you have your high school history credits be World history 1 (9th) world history 2 (10th) American history 1 (11th) and American history 2 (12th) ? What are some class names for your transcript you used when you followed the WTM history cycle? Have you done all 4 years for high school when usually its not required? Thanks for any help.

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When you say it's required by the state do you mean for homeschoolers or for public students earning state diplomas? My state doesn't require specific courses from homeschoolers even though they are quite specific with public school students.

I keep an eye on state requirements in order to have comparable challenge but I don't try to meet every course requirement.

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I use Tapestry which has a slightly different time periods, but if I had to have certain courses, here's what I would have


9: Ancient History

10: Medieval through Early Modern History

11: 19th Century American History with World Focus

12: 20th Century American HIstory with World Focus


I'm not as sure about the clause at the end of those last two, but I want something to indicate there is some world history as well.


My lit will look about the same.

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Ours will we:


Ancient world history

Medieval history

American history (required by the state)

Modern world history


For literature:

World lit I

World lit II

Victorian lit

Modern lit


Thanks I think this is what I'm looking for and was thinking of similar titles. Yes we also have a requirement for American history and world history so this seems like it would work out great. Thanks for your help.


Angie McKelvey

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Our 4-yr cycle was a little off as we were still finishing the 20th century when we started 9th grade, so our ancients was cut down to a semester and our senior year history went only through WWII. But here are the course titles I used (accepted by all colleges my dc applied to):


Ancient History

Medieval History

U.S. History in World Context, Part I

U.S. History in World Context, Part II

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My daughter started homeschooling in 7th grade, so I elected to do a three year sweep through World History. Her transcript entry for 9th grade was World History from 1700 to 2000. (In 10th and 11th grades, she moved away from the WTM cycle and did AP United States History and AP Comparative Gov't and Politics.)




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