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FIL had stroke, DH still has severe mystery illness, other update-y stuff

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Remember my post about a month ago about my DH being very sick and going to the ER with a 106.5 fever and blood pressure of 211/something really high?


He's still not well. Symptoms come and go in waves. He remains tired, in pain, stomach a mess, leg swollen and painful. He's lost over 10 pounds this past week. He's been to 2 doctors(not including the ER visit), had 2 ultrasounds, blood work, been on copious amounts of strong anti-biotics and is at another doctor now (a gastroenteroligist).


My FIL had what we confirmed to be a stroke this weekend. He "failed" the swollow test and can't return to his assisted living; we will be researching nursing homes/skilled nursing centers today.


The administrative nightmare of health insurance for my kids may be over. I can't post details, but suffice it to say that I've spent over 25 hours dealing with this issue trying to get them appropriately covered.


The next step in the custody battle is mediation; it has not been scheduled but the date may be late August. There is lots more there; I won't be posting.


My dd has her appointment tomorrow with her Rheumatologist. She's seen our Nurse Practioner recently; typically they see the actual Dr. once a year and the nurse quarterly. I don't anticipate any pharmaceutical changes, she'll remain on Enbrel and Methotrexate. Pretty hard core for an 11 year old.


My oldest son remains charming, affectionate, sarcastic, funny, cuddly, obstinate, unpredictable. In short, he's 13. The other day, he wanted a kiss goodbye (he was going to a Christian lock in at a water park) but wanted to wait until "no one could see". :lol:


My youngest continues to absolutely thrive in Tae Kwon Do and does not want to do Fall baseball; a request we'll grant. He's distractable, funny, growing his hair long and usually messy.


The kids were given a scholarship to camp next week. I've closed both my school and daycare for the week and will enjoy a "staycation". My plan is to plan school and visit The Homeschool Store and probably also the more local one, A Curious Mind. I'll hit some AA meetings, too, and probably scrounge up enough cash for lunch with the girls.


I start work sometime this week hosting Poker Tournaments for a big, organized league here in Katy.


My DH was offered, and accepted, a job with a company that provides emergency tech support. He'll work hours that take him away from us on weekends, but he'll get full time pay for his 3 12 hour shifts and only one morning of bus driving will be affected. We've decided we'll both work several jobs for at least a year, more likely 2, until we can get caught up, emergency savings and some retirement savings going.


I'm trying to stay focused, positive and centered. It's a challenge often, but I'm usually still willing to try. We have the verbal and emotional support of family, friends and church members and we are very, very grateful and blessed in that regard.

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