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Is your school doing anything for Mother's Day?

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My kids' 1st grade class is having a "Mother's Day Tea" tomorrow, and I'm dreading it. I don't feel like that teacher celebrates anything I do as a mother (but that's probably just me being paranoid). Of course there will be sugar - joy of joys. Anyhoo, I was just wondering how your kids' school/teacher makes you feel appreciated on Mother's Day. LOL. (I realize this is also teacher appreciation week, and we did do cards for her on Tuesday. I hope I'm not expected to bring a teacher gift with me tomorrow?) I'd rather scrub all the toilets on my street than go to this Mother's Day Tea. Yep, I'm that jaded. ;) But I will do this for my kids, and they will think I am absolutely thrilled. :)

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I lived through it, LOL. They let us take the kids home early afterward. My youngest was seriously bummed that she didn't get to go to late room. Mother's Day weekend is not starting with a bang. :-P Even the weather is nasty. :/

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