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Resources for me to learn more about writing

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Even though we have homeschooled my daughter since K, we have never done any direct instruction in writing. Don't get me wrong, she has written things, but it has all been incidental, not a part of a writing curriculum. Next year, when she is in 7th grade, I hope to include some writing instruction in our curriculum. I don't consider myself a great writer at all. Can anyone recommend a book for me to read or an online resource, even a class, that would prepare me? Writers, what resources have you learned the most from or do you recommend to those interested in learning to be a better writer?


Thanks so much!

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IEWs TWSS is aimed at teaching you how to teach writing, it just depends on if that is the type of writing you want to teach. IEW offers a money-back guarantee if you decide it is not for you, which makes it risk free.


Do you think there is an area that your DD struggles in? As in, organizing her thoughts, writing good sentences and so forth.


There are other options, but I think they (the gurus! LOL!!) might need more info about the style of writing you are looking for and such.


Writing curriculums.... never a lack, just finding a good fit is the issue!

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I don't have any specific books to recommend, but I always felt that a good journalism unit set up such a good foundation for writing. It teaches you how to take all the information and just use what's most important, and be able to write it in a clear and direct way that grabs the audience.


One of my daughters loved to write but at the same time really struggled with it. We did a semester of journalism, and then got back to other writing again after that. Her writing had improved so much! She is now taking an AP English class with a group of kids and the teacher has often commented on her ability to write clearly and concisely. I really do attribute that to the discipline of journalistic-type writing.

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