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Quick Q re: HEAV - strollers?

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Giving you a bump....


I go to FPEA in Florida every year and see TONS of strollers. I don't have a little one anymore, but I do have my rolling cart to hold books with me. I would be very surprised if having a child in a stroller would be a problem at a homeschooling convention.

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Just saw in the Used Curriculum Sale fine print on their site that strollers are allowed :) Phew! (It'll come in handy for carting book purchases around too, I'm sure!)

Good to hear. (Not that I was going or have a stroller, but happy for you.)

I was going to suggest reading the fine print. Our local convention specifically states no strollers or rolling carts allowed.

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Do keep an eye on the FAQs for the Exhibit Hall. I seem to recall that stroller HAVE been banned from the Exhibit Hall in the past while they were allowed in the Used Curriculum Sale. Different halls, different rules.


But I may be remembering my home convention in another state so double check.

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