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Reading Workbook, Grades 3-6

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I am looking for something similar to what we used to call reading workbooks when I was in school. It covered skills such as: dictionary skills, fact/opinion, finding the main idea, how to identify a trustworthy source, using periodicals, figures of speech, poetry terminology. It was just a wide smorgasbord of all kinds of language arts skills. Is there anything like this today? I don't feel like I have identified it, and my kids haven't covered some of these topics.


Thanks so much!

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Rod and Staff's Bible Nurture and Reader series covers those (except for dictionary skills, which are covered in the spelling series, Spelling by Sound and Structure), according to the scope and sequence. Some things (poetry, dictionary skills) are also covered in the English series.

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Are you looking for a single workbook or full curriculum?

As far as full programs so, we're planning on using BJU Reading next year for 2nd, and the books arrived this week. I think it looks pretty thorough, like what you described: a wide smorgasbord of language arts, similar to what I remember from school. (We also are going to use BJU's English and it covers some topics, like writing poetry, dictionary skills, etc).

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