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What can I do with this yarn?


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I friend of mine was given a bunch of yarn (I think the owner passed away), and she passed it on to me because I crochet and knit. I can crochet almost anything. I struggle with knitting...can knit socks but don't know how to change colors, do fancier things like cables, and make more involved items like sweaters.


Ok, so this big bag of yarn is a grab bag of fancier yarns. There's anywhere from half a skein to two skeins of each...so not enough for a whole project...and at least some of them are discontinued. Here's just a sampling:


2 skeins of Coral by Universal Yarn--this is thin, soft, picot stuff

1 1/2 skeins of Kid Seta by Cascade Yarns in lime green--extremely lightweight mohair/silk blend

2 skeins of Kid Seta by Cascade Yarns in turquoise

1 skein of Sari--this is ribbon

1 skein of something that looks like feathers

1 skein of ladder by Ice Yarns

Another partial skein of what I think is Mini Ladder...looks like the above but smaller

1 skein (may be partial) of Bamboo by Mary Maxim--sock weight bamboo yarn

1 skein of Quello by Berlini--this is "pure new wood merino extrafine and polyamide)

1 skein of Quiver by Sierra Pacific---this reminds me of the ladder but isn't


There's some fun fur and a whole bunch of other specialty yarns without their original labels so while they look really cool, I have no idea what they are. She seems to have liked Italian yarn as a bunch of it says "made in Italy" on it.



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I am not much into yarn but have a bin full myself but my first thought was can you make hat/scarves for those in need? Maybe cat toys for a local animal shelter? Donate it to a local church, school or daycare or library?



I might be able to do that with some of it, but a lot of it is more like ribbon rather or is super delicate...not really hat or warm scarf material.

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The kid seta might be warm since it's mohair/silk. Are you on Ravelry? Here are all the projects people have made using kid seta--lots of hats, scarves, cowls.


I haven't looked up the other stuff. Novelty yarns could be good for fun, decorative scarves or purses. I did look up Quiver and couldn't even find it in the Ravelry database. I couldn't even find it through a google search.


You could always hold several yarns together to make a fun scarf or cowl. Actually, now that I've looked up a couple more yarns I might go with a cowl since they look like mostly handwash stuff. I don't see anything good for socks. Unless you hold the kid seta doubled. And you 'd have to handwash them. But I bet your feet would be happy.


ETA: There's a group called Handmade Especially for You that makes and distributes comfort scarves for abused women. They like bright and fun scarves. You can find them here on Ravelry or their website.

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