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I'm wondering if anyone has the book: 1001 Great Ideas

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I had it from the library and liked it. I bought 10 Things Your Child with Autism Wishes You Knew by the same author, and I like it.


The one I bought is more basic, I think. But I have gotten a lot of helpful information from it. The 1,001 book had a lot of ideas but didn't explain them as much.


The 1,001 book is a book that would be be fine as a library book for me. I would not be consulting it often. Maybe in 6 months I would want to look through it again for new ideas, but I could do that in the library without checking it out, probably.


I might just be at the point where I need to know 10 things more than I need to know 1,001. I don't think it is a reflection on the books. In a couple of years maybe I would want to buy it. For now the 10 Things is meeting my needs.

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