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  1. 1001 Great Ideas for Teaching and Raising Children with Autism or Asperger's? I saw this on Amazon and thought it looked pretty good but would l really like some input from someone who has used it if possible. Thanks! Candace
  2. I'm not exactly sure what you are looking for but if you join This Old Schoolhouse, you can get all of their planners for free. I joined for a month to see what they had to offer ($5.95) You can use 36 weeks of planners on your computer and then either print them off or not. They have a ton of other printables too. Additionally, you mentioned that you have an LD child. They have printables for special needs students too. I planned out my school year and just left it on the computer. That way I can change it if needed. Anyway, you are able to cancel your membership with This Old Schoolhouse at anytime. http://schoolhouseteachers.com/
  3. We had a very successful school week - 2nd week into the year-round school year. We took one week off. I posted about organizing our school room this week. It was a chore! :)
  4. I really like the transition paper that they sell at Rainbow Resource Center: they have the regular writing paper and 1/2 lined 1/2 writing/drawing paper. My son does really well with it. http://www.rainbowresource.com/product/sku/003481/812805fb2b824248877f2290 http://www.rainbowresource.com/product/sku/003505/812805fb2b824248877f2290
  5. I would definately second the Kumon series of books, they are great! You can never read aloud enough! There are so many lists out there but Jim Trelease's book is great as well as Honey for the Child's Heart. I also like the preschool series of workbooks from Rod and Staff. I used them for all five of my children. They have a set for ages 3-4 and a set for 4-5. For handwriting, you can't beat Handwriting without Tears. It is just an awesome way to teach handwriting to little ones and progresses through to cursive when they are ready. I've found the best prices at Rainbow Resource Center. All of the recommendations for phonics that you have received have been good ones. I did like Ordinary Parents Guide for Reading and Phonics Pathways. Ordinary Parents Guide for Reading gives you much more structure. Lots of time for play and exploration are important as are times out and about and field trips. Learning about the world around them builds vocabulary and awareness important for reading and learning to come. Good luck on your adventure! :)
  6. I made little reference books using 3-prong folders with pockets. It works really well and I can add things to it if needed. For small items that I've printed out, I just add to paper or carstock and 3-hole punch. We have one for LA, Math, Science and Geography/History. He uses them all of the time
  7. Thank you for your ideas :) My son is doing much better with his reading this year and is reading at about a 3rd grade level. He is writing some on his own and I have given him a journal to write in. He does enjoy art and likes the "Draw Write Now series". I like the idea about the science kits and lapbooks, I'm going to try that. We don't have an iPad or a Wii but he can work on the computer for short periods of time. I also have him jump on his mini-tramp for 5-10 minute periods in between lessons.
  8. Hi Ladies! We used the workboxes this past year with a lot of success with my Autistic/ADHD, 9yo son. He is almost 10. However, I can never seem to think of things to put in there for him to do when we aren't working together. Most all of his work is done together at this point. I do use audio books and I give him Lego time as well as SnapCircuits. I'd really enjoy some ideas. :)
  9. We used the cart from Michael's all this past year and it really held up well. I stuffed it pretty good too. I don't move mine around too much though.
  10. We are doing a unit this summer using State History from a Christian Perspective. Looks good. http://www.statehistory.net/
  11. Envy anyone with creativity at this time of the year! Working on finishing up this year with my son and writing lesson plans for next year. This mom has total brain fog! ;)
  12. Here's another great MTH site. Not in chronological order, but still a wonderful resource: http://www.mce.k12tn.net/units/tree_house.htm
  13. 9yo son with ASD, ADHD, and OCD here. You are not alone.
  14. We really enjoy the Magic School Bus kits here too. We add some library books to make a unit around the subject. I've found that there are a lot of MSB kits that complement the units in the Complete Book of Science. My son has learned a lot this way.
  15. You have received some great recommendations here. I have read numerous homeschooling books over the past 19 years of homeschooling. The Well Trained Mind, The Charlotte Mason Companion and When Children Love to Learn are all great books. I have also found these to be very helpful and easy to read: - Home Learning Year by Year by Rebecca Rupp - Homeschooling By Heart by Kristina Sabalis Krulikas
  16. I can truly sympathize. Have you seen this thread? http://www.welltrainedmind.com/forums/showthread.php?t=153797
  17. Some time ago, someone had posted a links to blank notebooking pages for artists that could be used for any artist. They had places for birth, death, where they lived, and space at the bottom for a few pieces of work. Does anyone have those links? Thanks!
  18. Yes...my son (autistim) has vocal tics as well. He sounds like he is clearing his throat all of the time or sometimes will sound like a car engine. He also denies doing it. He was about 4 when it started. He is almost 10 now and over the past year it has become increasingly worse. However, he is also on much more medication now as well.
  19. I have a used copy of Pre Math-It that didn't come with the game board. I'm wondering if it's necessary for the game or not? Could someone with the game let me know? Thanks!
  20. I'm open too! Just let me know what you decide! :) Would love to meet all of you! :)
  21. I have to have a written planner since I'm not one for a computer-type program. I have really liked the "Schooling Planner for Homeschoolers" that I found at Rainbow Resource Center. It has plenty of space to write assignments, read-aloud book for the week, activity of the week, weekly memorization and child training issues, field trips, things to do, errands to run, library list, musician, artist and piece of art to study. The subject headings are: Math, Grammar, History, Copywork/Spelling, Science/Nature, Geography, Fine Arts, Foreign Language, Computer/Crafts, Logic/Other. This has been a real help to our homeschool this year.
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