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I can't find the post about natural treatments for...


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OCD/OCPD??? or Anxiety issues maybe??

I saw it in Dec I think, maybe before the board change??

Someone posted they had success with some natural treatments instead of prozac/zoloft etc??

I tried search and nothing. (search still isn't working ??)


If it can't be found, has anyone had any success with treatment for these using supplements???

I googled it and didn't find much in the 1st page or two, other than to confirm that I am 99% sure that is what person A has.

They are anti-drugs, but more than willing to take supplements.


Thanks for any help!

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my 7yo son has anxiety as part of his asd.

we have:

removed nitrates from his diet (hot dogs, bacon, meat flavorings, etc. there are nitrate free versions at whole foods and trader joe's)

under the direction of his naturopath:

200mg of L-theanine am

GABA. we started him on 250 mgs 2x a day ( only becasue we didn't do the mid-afternoon his ND wanted him to have) he takes 500mg 2x a day (his ND said 1500mg PER day was safe.)

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Thanks! off to order :)

I hope it helps. Make sure the person knows it's not an immediate thing. It takes a while and they need to dose and then dose up--making it take longer.


If they don't get full relief or it doesn't help/doesn't help enough another option is Inositol. I'd try the NAC first given it's easier to dose. I had previously seen NAC used as an adjunct with an SSRI (inositol will do what an SSRI does without the bad side effects). My son, and the study linked, used NAC alone. The NAC alone was enough for him. Inositol can make ADHD symptoms worse. Other than that it's safety and side effect profile is like NAC. Some people will have some GI adjustment initially.

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I know I've posted a number of times that anxiety issues can be caused by Pyroluria which strips out zinc and B6. Were dealing with it and its easily treated with vitamins but Dr's don't look for it and most have never heard of it.

in your experience with pyroluria - what is the optimum B6 and zinc blood levels? (I find the usrda worthless)

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