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Downton Abbey episode question for Americans, possible spoilers

Renthead Mommy

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I am watching this in the US. I had seen bits and pieces of DT. After Christmas I watched the entire first season on Netflix instant. Then I got season two on DVD and realized I had seen a large portion of many of the episodes in the reruns. The last thing Netflix had available was the 2011 Christmas Special. I had looked up the episode guide to make sure I wasn't missing anything coming into this Jan. I believed I had missed everything from last September on through the 2012 christmas special. Also from what I was reading I had seen season 1 and season 2, missed season 3 and season 4 is starting tonight. I'm getting told, by a less than reliable source, that I'm all wrong and that as much as she's seen and tonight starts after what I saw. However this person had never heard of it till last summer and just got some DVD's for christmas. Also she usually can't remember what happened in the movie she saw the night before, so she's not exactly reliable.


However this made me wonder if the episodes I saw listed that played in September, where only shown in the UK. Is the UK a season ahead of us?


So if you are watching DT in the US, can you tell me if I'm all caught up to tonight? If the Christmas 2011 special was actually the last new thing they showed?


****Possible spoilers***




The last episode I saw was the family getting ready for Christmas. Bates is still in jail. Sybil was in Ireland with her husband and wrote she was pregnant, Edith visited the man who was going to ask her to marry him before the war (and had lost the use of an arm) and Matthew asked Mary to marry him and she finally said yes, out in the falling snow.


I've seen some scenes that I know are past this point, but now I don't know if they were episodes I channel surfed past last fall, or if they were previews for things to come that have come up on PBS.


So do I watch tonight, or do I record it, wait for season 3 to be released on Nextflix at end of January, watch that, then go back and watch what is being recorded tonight?

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