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Healthy food/nutrition books, websites!

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I was going to put a website I just remembered in one of the other healthy foods threads, but then I thought how nice it would be to have all that info in one thread. I've been running across book recommendations that I hadn't heard of before. So, if you have any food/nutrition/healthy eating websites or books that you like, post them here!



this site is awesome - gives nutritional content for food, recipes, info about the food - World's Healthiest Foods


Weston A Price Foundation



Organic Inc

The Omnivore's Dilemma

In Defense of Food

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle

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I sound like a broken record, but the most practical book I have ever found for changing a family's eating habits is Refined to Real Food. It goes through each category (dairy, vegetables, meat, etc.) and shows a continuum from healthiest to least healthy. You identify where you are in each area, read the information in the chapter to decide what changes are important and feasible for your family, and then start "sliding" across the chart toward the healthier side.


I also like Nourishing Traditions and The Maker's Diet.

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That was the book that opened my eyes to healthy food--not just vegetarian, you understand, but knowing what all those food additives are in processed foods, and why honey is better than sugar, and all that stuff, and how to shop without going to the fancy-schmancy health food stores. The authors went to grocery stores all over the U.S. and found food products that met their criteria--no additives, no chemicals, no nothin'. They also include lots of recipes, some of which my family thought were nasty (lentil and barley bake--eeeeuuuuu), at least one of which I still use (mayo).


I gave my book to my dd several years ago, so when I searched it by title to see if it was still in print, I discovered that not only was it still in print but that the authors have a Web site now (of course; everyone has a Web site): Healthy Highways.


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Dh and I both got mild versions of chronic severe illnesses in our mid-50's because of the food we were eating. My brother gave us the book The China Study, about the largest nutritional study ever. We have cleaned up our act 100%. We have given up milk and dairy completely, and increased the amount of f and v we eat.

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