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Puberty and science class

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Assigned DD11 her science lesson for the day (read and take notes). I thought nothing of it. I pre-read it the night before and it was basic biology.


She comes running into the kitchen like a goober yelling (while covering her eyes) "hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil!". Why? Because the book was talking about asexual reproduction. Plants. She saw the word "asexual".

Oh the horror...


The next chapter in her book is human reproduction (which I will read with her - if she stops cringing and covering her eyes long enough).


I'm fantasizing about school buses coming to take her away again.


That is all. :D

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Oh the horror! :lol:


We tease DS14 that we're going to make him take another health class b/c he gets :blushing: when talking about anything regarding human reproduction, and can't even bring himself to say the s-- word.

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