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Green smoothies for runners?

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We are thinking of getting an inexpensive blender/mixer for my BIL and his family. They have three kids and they are runners. We thought they'd like to make green smoothies and/or shakes. Any recommendations on cook books or mixers? We have a Ninja that works fine for our family and the smoothies we do. We were also thinking about maybe getting some protein powder or other additive.


Ah suggestions or advice for us non-runners?

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We have a refurbished Kitchen-Aid blender. It's worked well for us. We tend to make green smoothies with frozen spinach, a banana, almond milk and some other fruit (usually blueberries or strawberries). I have rice powder to add to it, but I don't always do that. I've also added ground flax seed.


There are lots of recipes on the web, but I tend to always do the same thing.

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I am a runner and make smoothies every day. Yes, green ones. The ninja did not work for me. I use protein powder, fruit/veggie juice (V* 8 fusion), a banana, oj from concentrate, and spinach. The spinach did not get chopped enough, and we felt like we were chewing on our smoothies. I took it back and found a blender that had the ice crusher (most do) and it has worked great. It also made them creamier than the ninja did.

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