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What to do with half used science kits?

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I hate waste! I am trying to clear out what we no longer need/use and donate to charity what someone else can use. This is a silly question, but what do you do with things like a Crystal Growing kit that has been used, but still has a few of the crystal growing experiments left. My kids enjoyed the kit immensely initially, but no longer. Do you toss? Donate? Hmmm.

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Depending on the quality of items in the kit, I either put them in the craft room for dd to use when she wants or I keep them with our science supplies. I first pull out any hardware (droppers, tubes, beakers, etc.) these are always needed for future science projects. Next I pull out things like marbles, washers, tin foil, anything usable gets put in our supply drawers. Last are the mixes and chemicals, if there is enough for more experiments I store it and a copy of the directions needed together. These always make great rainy day activities.

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