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  1. Not sure what level your DD is at, but AoPS has very engaging videos with its Pre-Algebra text.
  2. Like the others, I. vote for writing. It is where he will benefit the most.
  3. So much to think about! Thank you so much to all for resources to point me in the right direction. I know it comes down to the hard work on my part of thoughtful parenting decisions and I can't just have him read a book and transform him. But I really needed some resources to draw from and I have to thank you for pointing me towards some excellent ones. Pen - I have the Atomic Age DVD in my netflix queue - there is a short wait! Manners are definitely something we are working on. We have gone from almost no chores while he was in school because he truly was over scheduled and hardly ever home during the week to regular chores every day now that we are homeschooling. His dad and I purposefully added the chores in response to an attitude that we were there to serve him. DS is now responsible for emptying the dishwasher, taking out the trash, cleaning the bathroom, and putting away his own laundry. I hadn't really thought about making chores fun, but that is an excellent idea. Mandy - I am going to spend some time with Simply CM. it looks exactly like what I am after, some curriculum help with character, manners and habits. We have been intentionally working on building better habits as well. I think it will fit in with my overall goals and I am eager to start exploring. I have to see if there are any books at our library. The link to the tomato staking was useful and put some good imagery into my head. DS is starting at a B&M school this fall and it focuses on integrity and service. I very much want to use my time with him to focus on the character issues before he starts. I mentioned that we were secular not to raise the issue of whether one can be good without God. I see the advantage of belonging to a church community would help reinforce those values that are important to me. Thank you for the link re a sad life is not a bad life. I have printed it out for DS to read today and I am going to look up some of the books referred to in the article. I am going to check out Everyday Graces as well. I suppose I am lucky we had our discussion/argument over a few if the house rules last week. A needed wake up call to change our approach. Thanks to all!
  4. After lengthy conversations/arguments with my son yesterday, I need to address the issue that I need to do more (much more) on the issue of character education. My son's stated paramount objective is to have fun. Being a good person - kind, honest, hardworking, compassionate, are not important to him. We are a secular family, so faith based books will not work so well. I know our actions as parents and modeling are so important. We do take the kids to do things for others, e.g. sorting food for donation centers. And require him to treat others with respect. I know children can be self absorbed, but he is 12. It is frustrating. My action plan is pretty undefined right now. Maybe have him read and discuss books re character as well as biographies of folks like Benjamin Franklin. I know there will not be a quick fix, but I do need to get started and make this as much a priority as math or writing.
  5. I was wondering if anyone had any information re: this summer camp in San Diego. It looks like it is a camp started last summer by a teacher associated with AoPS. My son is interested and it would be convenient.
  6. I am interested in this as well. Looking forward to what the hive has to say. :)
  7. It's nice to know that I am not being a complete dork donating partially used sets.
  8. I hate waste! I am trying to clear out what we no longer need/use and donate to charity what someone else can use. This is a silly question, but what do you do with things like a Crystal Growing kit that has been used, but still has a few of the crystal growing experiments left. My kids enjoyed the kit immensely initially, but no longer. Do you toss? Donate? Hmmm.
  9. Both kids read the entire series when they were 8. No problems here.
  10. We have a 10 month old poodle and a 4 year old Tonkinese cat. Tonkinese are half Burmese and half Siamese. Have fun with your graph!
  11. There are 30 minute Shakespeare cartoon adaptations that we have been enjoying from Netflix. I think they are based on Leon Garfield books.
  12. DD10 started school again this year. And readily admits how challenging finding her classes, dealing with her locker, finding the right bus to come home can be. But those are not really academic issues. We are lucky that all of her teachers insist that all students use a planner for organization. And lucky that she feels comfortable talking directly with teachers/admin folks to get information (advantage of homeschooling?). I am confident she 'll get over the little issues.
  13. We also tried a new charter school a few years ago that promised Montessori components (which I loved). Our experience was very similar to the prior poster except we did not have nice facilities or materials due to budget issues.
  14. MathWhizz is also a well done subscription program.
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