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I don't keep track of daily assignments. I do give them a percentage on tests and quizzes.


Soon the time will come when we have to start thinking of a transcript. I have ZERO clue on how to do this. Having a form would help but I feel so lost.


I would rather *not* rely on the computer to do this as I fear my laptop might die soon.



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Do you mean how to format it, or how to determine what percentage of the grade to assign to each "part" or something else?


I used Covenant College's homeschool transcript example for formatting, and included a reading list.


In order to determine grades, I gave a certain percentage to discussion (for history and lit/Eng), homework, quizzes, tests and papers. I did not grade homework, I simply gave credit if it was done and done on time.


I varied the amt of the grade that each catagory had, depending on the subject.

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